"Blake and Dan are master video/filmmaking artists, which makes them virtually unearthly in their talent. We were impressed with their professionalism and their dedication to their work.

Through their masterful filming, editing and technical know-how, they weaved together our most precious day - our wedding day - in a way that is nothing short of perfection!"

David & Bruce
Wedding video viewable here.


"Launching a new actor training program, I needed a video to showcase myself, the work and the students. Besides being professional, Blake brings an abundance of technical knowledge to his craft. He watched other videos, and noticed areas where the quality wasn't up to par. Blake pointed those flaws out, and purposely set out to make our final product both technically perfect and artistic. Yet I feel his real gift lies in his ability to synthesize. Blake was able to edit a few hours of footage in to a final cut that is everything I asked for; all pretty much on his inherent ability to determine what he feels is best to tell your story. On our first meeting, I said the overall feeling of the video should be inspiring. I have that and more. The turnaround was fast, he was delightful with my students, and genuinely cared about the project. Blake is unique in that he works on the production end while at the same time being an artist."

Roger Manix
Brooklyn Training Ground


Not often, but sometimes, talent goes hand in hand with a nothing's-a-problem, can-do approach. That's Blake's style, and my observation is that the underpinnings are consummate skill and wealth of experience. We worked together within a tight budget, we had a large cast, a small crew, and a lot of setups. He organises thoroughly in advance, when things go amiss he has a Plan B ready. It was a joy to work with him. He saw the project through from planning (he did the first AD work) through filming, reshoot and re-recording, to editing. The results were great. I'll call him next time in a flash.

Barry Peak 
Director, Philosophy For Gangsters